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When is Jamaica's rainy season?

Jamaica's rainy season is May-June and Sept-October.

What is the temperature like in Jamaica?

The average temperature in Jamaica is 80-90 F

Is the tap water safe to drink in Jamaica?

Yes the water from the tap in Jamaica is safe to drink. Bottle water is also available.

What is the standard electrical voltage in Jamaica?

The standard is 110V.

Is there internet access at the Whistling Bird?

Yes. We have free WiFi for all of our guests.

How can I get around the Island?

Taxis, minibuses, rental cars and sightseeing bus tours.

What legal documents are needed to travel into Jamaica?

This all depends on where you are traveling from. Please consult with your travel professional, local Jamaican consulate or Jamaica Tourism Board.

What language is spoken in Jamaica?

English is the official language, however there is a dialect/slang call Patois which is commonly used by most Jamaicans.

What is the Time zone in Jamaica?

Jamaica is on Eastern Standard Time. There are no adjustments for Daylight Savings Time. That means that during the summer months, Jamaica follows U.S. Central Time.

What is the highest point in Jamaica?

The highest point in Jamaica is the 7,402 ft. Blue Mountain peak.

What city is the Capital of Jamaica?

Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica.

What is the accepted currency in Jamaica?

The Jamaican dollar is the legal tender in Jamaica. Almost everyone will accept the U.S. dollar. Most hotels/merchants will accept U.S dollars or traveller's checks, and major credit cards. Jamaican currency is also called the Jamaican dollar, or "J" for short. It comes most often in bills (1000J- 500J-100J-50J) There are also 20J and 10J coins.

Do you accept credit cards at the Whistling Bird?

Yes. We accept Visa or Master cards.

Where is the Whistling Bird located?

We are located on the Seven Mile beach in Negril. Almost in the Middle. Centrally located, Various beach activity and shopping areas will be within walking distance for you.

Are there any Sharks in the Sea?

No dangerous shark as far as we know. We have never heard of anyone encountering a shark. However the type of shark that surrounds Jamaica are almost entirely the small "bottom feeder" type that are not dangerous to humans.

Are there ATM’s in Negril?

Yes there are ATM’s in Negril. The ones everyone goes to are at the Scotia bank located near the round about. It dispenses money in JMD.

Where can I change money?

Banks (open Monday-Friday) and Cambios (open Monday -Sat and sometimes Sunday) will give the best rate of exchange, but the hotels will also change money for you, although the rate of conversion is often lower.

Is it possible to suntan topless?

Yes you can. Although entirely nude suntanning is strictly for certain areas of the beach. Nude beach areas. You will find topless sunbathing acceptable.

What are some things I can do in Negril?

There is absolutely no shortage of activity in Negril or Jamaica to choose from. A day trip to Dunn’s River Falls, Y.S. Falls, Bob Marley Museum, Bamboo rafting or a sightseeing tour for example. Water sports are also plenty. Jet Ski, Parasailing, waterskiing, Glass Bottom Boat rides and much more. This is just a short list of activity. You should definitely plan on doing some shopping when you are in Negril. The local art of wood carvings and paintings are amazing and also make great gifts.

                                                  WHAT TO BRING

    Jamaica is a tropical Island and we’d like to give you a little info about the items you should prepare to bring on your vacation.

1) Generally prepare for the warm weather.

    - Average temperature at a maximum is that of about 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit - and at a minimum of about 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

    - Average temperature is that of about 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit.     `Humidity is usually under 70%.

    You will definitely want to pack warm weather cloths such as shorts and light shirts, but in addition to these items you will also want to include a couple of pants. This is because sometimes you may need a pair to help with mosquitos and maybe a sunburn.

  1. 2)Sunscreen! Waterproof if you feel necessary.

  2. 3)Bring some bug spray for your skin. Often the mosquitos may become irritating at times. Usually just around sunset.

  3. 4)You may want to bring a pair of regular socks and shoes aside from your flip flops. sometimes a day trip may take you to where you might need a sturdy pair of shoes.

  4. 5)You will also want to bring all of the toiletries that you may need for your stay. Some commonly used products such as TUMS and or your preferred brand of toothpaste or shampoo is not as easily obtained in Jamaica. These import items could also be much more expensive.




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